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Coaching was developed from counselling – it’s counselling with a twist. A coach will employ many of the specialist skills and techniques you would see in a counselling or mentoring relationship. Importantly, a coach, like a counsellor, provides a safe, confidential environment to explore, define, plan and help you make happen.

Your ideas, dreams, understanding of yourself and plans all come from within you; a good coach will not judge or assume to know better as their role is not to ‘tell’ or ‘advise’. What an effective experienced coach will do is help you develop a path to get you where you want to go using a safe framework and collaborative space. Yes, at times it will feel like hard work and it may even be a little emotional as the unexpected may bubble to the surface, things you may have forgotten or tried to hide; but acknowledging them and moving on is all part of the process. The journey of change and development can be a rollercoaster one but your coach will help you clear a pathway so you can find your desired ‘you’.

Coaching usually has more of a defined focus in its purpose, and our coaching programmes use a range of frameworks. These will provide the structure for you to see the different steps that you will take to reach your goal, giving you a detailed understanding of the person you are, the person you desire to be and shining a light on the ways in which you can reach your goals. You will have a clear picture of the steps required as we work through the different exercises which we will provide.

When you begin coaching, you will have already reached a decision point, you will know that a change or improvement is necessary in order for you to take that next positive step in your life. The change you seek may be big or small but there will be a defined change in what you do and how you do it.


Coaches work with you usually on a one-to-one basis, initially helping you to explore what you want from life and/or work. Your coach will support your decision making, and the process of coaching, if done well, will enhance your own ability to achieve your desired change quicker and with the knowledge that it’s the right direction and time for you. It’s not a magic bullet; it takes time, dedication and commitment from both sides; it’s fun, enjoyable and sometimes challenging but always worth it!

At The Good Therapy Works , our coaches come with a wealth of experience in a range of areas including life coaching, business and executive and sports performance coaching.

Coaching sessions take a structured tailored approach to your specific needs. We use a whole range of techniques and tools to help you focus on what you what and where you want to be.

What We Do

chairsWe work collaboratively to identify your goals. We systematically explore your ideals, define the goals and set out to help you make them happen. We consider your internal and external resources so you have the very best chance of turning your dreams and ambitions into reality. There will often be many and varied ways for you to achieve these, and working out the best option for you and identifying any possible pitfalls or ‘blocks’ is an invaluable part of the process.

Coaching is not an instant process, and you and your environment can change while you are planning your way forward, so the need to be adaptable is key; knowing that if something unexpected happens, you can deal with it in a calm, rational and competent way and not be thrown off track. You have the resources to review and refine, and continue your journey to achieve your goal.

Coaching Options:

We offer short three-session coaching packages, useful for interview preparation, presentation or public speaking.

Longer 6 – 8 week packages are suitable for those wanting to effect a more major change in their life (e.g. career change, lifestyle change).

Open-ended work – often this may be a continuation from counselling or hypnotherapy, where specific goal orientated work is now required.

Please call for more information and an informal discussion about how coaching can help you take the first step to effective long lasting change driven by you – coaching is part of our Solution Focused Therapy Programme, where you Take Control.


Individuals: £45 per session

Business Packages: please contact me with your requirements.


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