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Reflexology has its roots in ancient Egypt and China.  It is based on a belief that the application of pressure at specific points on the feet and hands by a qualified therapist may alleviate symptoms such as everyday tension and stress.

Reflexology works by mapping all parts of the body to the foot, using the application of varying degrees of pressure to specific points on the feet. It can lead to the relief of a range of symptoms: regular treatments help rebalance and restore harmony to the body and mind; they can help alleviate stress, tension, muscular aches, sleep disorders, sinus conditions and general fatigue, amongst other conditions.

After a new client’s session, he reported ‘I went to Jo for a reflexology treatment for the first time. I was absolutely amazed at just how relaxed the session made me feel – I had the best night’s sleep I’d had for years that evening. I’m definitely going back’.

Fully qualified and experienced therapists are available at The Good Therapy Works.

What to expect

bedYou will initially discuss with your therapist your medical history and general wellbeing etc., highlighting any areas of concern, physical or emotional. You will be asked whether there are any specific areas of your body that you would like to be excluded from the treatment in addition to areas you would want the treatment to focus on. Initially you will have a detailed consultation, where details of your physical and psychological wellbeing will be discussed. It’s important that the therapist gets an accurate picture of any medication you take, and your general wellbeing, prior to treatment.

We use locally produced beeswax reflexology products infused with a choice of essential oils to suit your needs to add that extra touch of luxury

Treatments last 45 minutes (inc. reflexology and foot massage)

Reflexology Prices:

Reflexology Treatment – £32 (inc. consultation)

Luxurious Special Reflexology – £38 (inc. pre foot soak and scrub with dead sea salt with essential oil infused moistening massage)


candlesMassage is a wonderful experience that can be deeply relaxing, invigorating and restorative; it can alleviate aches, strains and tensions while rebalancing and stimulating the body and mind.

As per reflexology, your first visit will also begin with a detailed initial consultation where we will take details of your medical history, emotional and physical wellbeing, lifestyle and your reasons for seeking massage on that day. This information together with your preference will inform the massage technique used and will take account of any areas to concentrate on or others to avoid, in order to customise the treatment to your needs.

Massage Rates:

Full body massage (inc. face, neck and chest), 75 mins – £38

Back, neck and shoulders massage, 30 mins – £20

Customised treatments available – POA

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a gentler massage using the healing and restorative benefits of organic aromatherapy oils which are gently massaged into the skin for a wonderful relaxing massage.

The finest organic oils are used at The Good Therapy Works with the oils chosen based on information gathered at the initial consultation. Personalised blending of essential oils is always done at every treatment (we don’t use pre-blended oils!), and all aromatherapy clients receive a small complementary bottle of their blended oils to take away. We seek to ensure both your emotional and physical are matched to the most efficacious and beautiful fragranced essential oils.

Aromatherapy massage also incorporates neuro muscular, derma and motor point massage techniques. This aims to:

Aromatherapy Massage rates:

Full body aroma massage (inc. face, neck and chest), 75 mins –  £45

Aroma back, neck and shoulders massage, 30 mins – £25

Please Note: At The Good Therapy Works we use the highest grade and quality products and where available will always use an organic option. Our aromatherapy oils are selected for their superior grade and certified organic accreditation to ensure the highest concentration, purity and quality, for maximum therapeutic effect.


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