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jo-beddowJo Beddow is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, coach and founder of The Good Therapy Works, which offers a range of individual and group-based therapies in addition to wellbeing packages for business and corporate use. She offers one-to-one personal therapy sessions, bespoke workshops and subject-specific group presentations, all designed to help people take control back, creating positive change and enriching both their physical and mental health. As a number of clients have reflected at the end of therapy: ‘I’ve got my life back!’

Before setting up The Good Therapy Works, Jo worked at a senior level for many years in both private and public sector organisations. She led major change and training initiatives and government reforms including restructuring and redundancy programmes. This fast paced and high pressure environment gave her an insight into the stresses and strains that work-based change and repeated downsizing coupled with balancing family life placed on staff. Jo developed training packages for professionals throughout her career, and worked closely with Learning and Development colleagues as an experienced coach and validated coach supervisor and mentor, supporting and developing others as well as herself.

So what changed and led Jo to set up The Good Therapy Works? Well, the need to balance her own rapidly changing home life with work became a priority – the drive to be successful in her chosen career was equal to her desire to raise a family. After many years and a serious amount of intervention, at the age of 46 she finally had her first little miracle, closely followed by a second bundle of joy a couple of years later. She knew then the time was right to follow her instincts and set up The Good Therapy Works.

Previously Jo had lived to work, up early home late, travelling to all parts of the country, spending too much time on trains and planes, forever staying away overnight. Being away from her young family soon created stress, and this began to take its toll on her mental and physical wellbeing – something had to change.
So somewhat unexpectedly and quite suddenly a moment of clarity dawned. Jo had a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience that she could channel into supporting others, to help them explore their options and focus on attaining their goals.

So that’s it and here we are. Ultimately Jo set up The Good Therapy Works to channel her passion, believing strongly that everyone has the ability to help themselves, and has the capacity to have a the life they want, and her mission is to provide that little bit of guidance, help and support to help them get there.

Jo says ‘I have seen so many people flourish through therapy; it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done – liberating, powerful and enlightening. Don’t we all deserve to give ourselves the best life we can possible have? Each and every one of us has the resources within ourselves to attain that feeling of wellbeing.’

The Good Therapy Works simply seeks to enhance every client’s aspirations for positive change.



  • 5th August 2018

    How Solution based hypnotherapy worked for me. We all think we can cope, but often we need help.  I went to see Jo when all else had failed and immediately felt reassured and at ease through Jo’s professional kind approach.  Solution based hypnotherapy sessions have supported and enabled me to…

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  • 5th April 2018

    I had never tried Reflexology before going to Jo - but it's safe to say I'm now a convert! The actual manipulation of the feet is in itself very soothing, as generally the feet are subject to constant exertion and vigorous treatment, so it feels great to give them a treat. …

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  • 19th April 2017

    Jo's aroma massages are in my opinion quite magnificent.  The setting is very peaceful, calming and relaxing so even just walking through the door you feel yourself begin to relax immediately.  You can smell the oils instantly you enter the room which is a delight to the senses! Jo's manner is…

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  • 11th November 2016

    I first went to see Jo for support for our son and then asked for sessions for myself. Although I initially wanted support to lose weight but ended up having support with self esteem and confidence. Jo has been fantastic and although at times I still wonder if I have…

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  • 14th August 2016

    I was recommended Jo's services by my counsellor, as I was suffering with anxiety and depression. Jo was very friendly and helpful, and her therapy studio is in a nice and peaceful location. I had her sessions for a few months and it was very professional, relaxing and helpful. It…

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  • 9th August 2016

    I went to Jo with nothing to lose and no idea what to expect. I had always suffered from anxiety and had become depressed. I felt completely overwhelmed with my new responsibilities, juggling becoming a Mum and the return to work. Eventually I hit a point of disfunction and I…

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  • 8th August 2016

    I started to see Jo in Feb 2016 after a relative spotted her advert in a local magazine and thought I should ring her to see if she could help me with my anxiety issues.  I’m so glad I did!  Now, six months later, I feel I am so much…

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