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The Good Therapy Works

At The Good Therapy Works we share a passion about supporting, guiding and helping others to get back on track, regain confidence, realise their potential and discover who they are or become the person they aspire to be.

Seeing people grow by taking control of their future is one of the most liberating and enriching things we do, and that liberation and growth is an experience shared between therapist and client.

Jo Beddow, founder of The Good Therapy Works decided to use her business based expertise and focus on what she genuinely believes can help and support people to make a real difference, facilitating change where appropriate, helping create positive fulfilling futures.

Counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, and coaching provide different approaches for different clients. The Good Therapy Works recognises that we are all unique, and therapy is very definitely not one-size-fits-all; therapy is tailored to the client, and clients are never expected to fit into any given ‘box’.

Therapy work is always collaborative; it takes place in a confidential and safe setting and our working with the clients is central to everything we do. The work is invariably directed by the client; guided and supported by qualified and experienced therapist intervention.

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy take a structured Solution Focused approach and uses the very latest research in neuroscience. Our counselling is humanistic integrating a range of theories and approaches, depending on how the client wishes to work.

In society today there is a level of resilience that each and every one of us needs in order to get through the many different and often emotionally challenging life events we are faced with. Sometimes pressures of life, work and/or family simply get too much – the word we frequently hear is ‘overwhelming’; just sometimes we need a little help. Often the simple process of exploring, understanding and examining events and situations can be all we need to do to give some clarity or relief; sometimes we need to evaluate where we are and what resources we have and develop a better picture of the future, setting personal or professional objectives in order to turn the ideas into reality.

During a lifetime we can have the most fantastic, amazing experiences and feel on top of the world. However, the knocks and disappointments of other events and relationships will often take their toll on us physically and emotionally, and our ability to cope with them can be tested. It’s at these times that people seek help from qualified professional therapists – and it’s that very first step when people seek help which allows them to regain control and get their lives back on track. That very first step can be the beginning of an amazing journey to recover the real you.

We have recently introduced a comprehensive range of body work therapies and can now offer aromatherapy, massage and reflexology sessions from fully qualified and experienced therapists.

The therapy rooms are set in a beautiful rural setting with glorious views of the Somerset countryside. Whether you are looking for peace, acceptance, understanding, change, direction, relief or a completely new start, The Good Therapy Works has a solution for you.


  • 5th August 2018

    How Solution based hypnotherapy worked for me. We all think we can cope, but often we need help.  I went to see Jo when all else had failed and immediately felt reassured and at ease through Jo’s professional kind approach.  Solution based hypnotherapy sessions have supported and enabled me to…

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  • 5th April 2018

    I had never tried Reflexology before going to Jo - but it's safe to say I'm now a convert! The actual manipulation of the feet is in itself very soothing, as generally the feet are subject to constant exertion and vigorous treatment, so it feels great to give them a treat. …

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  • 19th April 2017

    Jo's aroma massages are in my opinion quite magnificent.  The setting is very peaceful, calming and relaxing so even just walking through the door you feel yourself begin to relax immediately.  You can smell the oils instantly you enter the room which is a delight to the senses! Jo's manner is…

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  • 11th November 2016

    I first went to see Jo for support for our son and then asked for sessions for myself. Although I initially wanted support to lose weight but ended up having support with self esteem and confidence. Jo has been fantastic and although at times I still wonder if I have…

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  • 14th August 2016

    I was recommended Jo's services by my counsellor, as I was suffering with anxiety and depression. Jo was very friendly and helpful, and her therapy studio is in a nice and peaceful location. I had her sessions for a few months and it was very professional, relaxing and helpful. It…

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  • 9th August 2016

    I went to Jo with nothing to lose and no idea what to expect. I had always suffered from anxiety and had become depressed. I felt completely overwhelmed with my new responsibilities, juggling becoming a Mum and the return to work. Eventually I hit a point of disfunction and I…

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  • 8th August 2016

    I started to see Jo in Feb 2016 after a relative spotted her advert in a local magazine and thought I should ring her to see if she could help me with my anxiety issues.  I’m so glad I did!  Now, six months later, I feel I am so much…

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